Dr Jonas Schaub completed his PhD in our group in 2023 and stayed on as a postdoctoral researcher working in the fields of structural cheminformatics, cheminformatic analysis of natural product spaces, and in silico fragmentation of molecules. His doctoral thesis on these subjects was i.a. concerned with developing a graphical Java application for molecular in silico fragmentation and devising and implementing substructure analysis algorithms extracting molecular scaffolds or glycosidic moieties.

Before starting his PhD in 2019, Jonas completed both his Bachelor’s and Master’s studies in Molecular Biology at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences with a focus on bio- and cheminformatics. During this time, he worked on particle-based molecular structure representations, cheminformatic methods for the detection of functional groups in molecules, and the development of a computational information and analysis platform for lead discovery. His entire work was supervised by Prof. Dr Achim Zielesny, who was also involved in Jonas’ PhD project.

Besides science, Jonas is very interested in politics and literature, loves to care for his collection of house plants, and enjoys doing yoga.


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