Current Challenges in Plant-Ecometabolomics

Our new overview article entitled “Current Challenges in Plant-Ecometabolomics” has just appeared in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences [1]. As we explain in the abstract, “[t]he relatively new research discipline of Eco-Metabolomics is the application of metabolomics techniques to ecology with the aim to characterise biochemical interactions of organisms across different spatial and temporal scales. Metabolomics is an untargeted biochemical approach to measure many thousands of metabolites in different species, including plants and animals. Changes in metabolite concentrations can provide mechanistic evidence for biochemical processes that are relevant at ecological scales. These include physiological, phenotypic and morphological responses of plants and communities to environmental changes and also interactions with other organisms.”


  1. Kristian Peters and Anja Worrich and Alexander Weinhold and Oliver Alka and Gerd Balcke and Claudia Birkemeyer and Helge Bruelheide and Onno Calf and Sophie Dietz and Kai Dührkop and Emmanuel Gaquerel and Uwe Heinig and Marlen Kücklich and Mirka Macel and Caroline Müller and Yvonne Poeschl and Georg Pohnert and Christian Ristok and Victor Rodr{'i}guez and Christoph Ruttkies and Meredith Schuman and Rabea Schweiger and Nir Shahaf and Christoph Steinbeck and Maria Tortosa and Hendrik Treutler and Nico Ueberschaar and Pablo Velasco and Brigitte Weiß and Anja Widdig and Steffen Neumann and Nicole Dam (2018): Current Challenges in Plant Eco-Metabolomics. In: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 19, no. 5, pp. 1385, 2018.

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